Why You Should Eat Dessert Whenever You Want

Since I talk a lot about healthy recipes and clean eating, you may think I run far away whenever I hear the slightest crinkling from a bag of gummy bears or smell wafts of freshly-baked donuts as I walk past Krispy Kreme. Perhaps it may surprise you to know, then, that actually I have a huge sweet tooth!

That’s right. Whenever I crave a bowl of ice cream at midnight, I always indulge. Last night my best friend and I decided to seize St. Patrick’s Day as an opportunity to bake our favorite color (green!) cupcakes. And you can bet I didn’t have just one!


I wanted to share with you today about why I think eating dessert can be a healthy choice.

Thinking from an economist’s perspective, the idea of diminishing marginal returns applies well to our consumption of sweets. The first bite you take of a brownie fills your mouth with chocolaty flavors that you savor as it melts on your tongue. Perhaps the second and third bites do as well.

However, as you polish off that second brownie, your desire for additional helpings of dessert quickly diminishes. The first sip of an ICEE on a hot summer day is refreshing. By the time I’m half way finished, though, I’m overwhelmed by the sweetness and my taste buds are numbed by sugar. If you know that you can have tiramisu cake whenever you wanted, do you really think you’d eat it every day?

On the other hand, if you tell yourself that you can only have dessert once per week/month, you’re probably more likely to over-indulge the moment you allow yourself sweets, since you know that dessert won’t be an option for a while again. Giving yourself the freedom to eat cake or pie ensures that you’ll naturally be craving some carrots for your next snack to balance out the sugar.


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