Taco Tuesday!

As a followup to my Meatless Monday recipe for black beans, I thought today would be a great opportunity to share one my most favorite uses of those black beans: tacos!


I find that sometimes my taco shells aren’t wide enough to hold as many toppings as I’d like. In the picture above–you see how my family’s resolved that issue. We like to crush our taco shells and make a big taco salad, with black beans at the base.

Whether you crush yours up or eat them the normal way, black bean tacos are a super easy and healthy veg*n meal. We usually have tacos at least once a week (if not more!), hence the Taco Tuesday!

Tacos also don’t require much measuring of ingredients, but I eat them like this:

Crush one taco shell on your plate.
Add a half cup of cooked black beans
Spread a spoon or two of your favorite salsa over beans
Dice one half of a tomato and add to plate
Chop half an avocado into slices and add to plate
Finely chop four leaves of your preferred lettuce (I use Romaine) and add to plate
If you eat dairy, top your plate with shredded cheese and sour cream
Mix it all up and enjoy!

The best thing is, you can substitute or add toppings as you like. For a spicier taco, add jalapenos or hot sauce. Some grilled green peppers and onions also add nice flavor.

Do you find tacos to be as yummy as I do?


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