Celebrating Earth Day Today, and Every Day

My family has celebrated Earth Day for as long as I can remember. My dad, an environmental engineer, would bring home globe balloons and green-blue swirled bouncy balls for us and we’d spend the whole day playing outside.

This Earth Day marks the 45th anniversary of our commitment to serve as stewards of the environment. I honored the day in DC at the beautiful National Mall with my best friend, L, at a concert to raise awareness for climate change. As excited as I was to see Train and Mary J. Blige live on stage, I was more excited by what I saw around me: thousands of people, young and old, interested in joining the fight to protect the environment.

Rallying for the Earth in DC

I truly believe that global climate change is the most urgent problem my generation and those of the future face. This Earth Day, it’s important to think about how every single one of us has the ability to take steps now to reverse threats that plague our planet.

The vegetarian and vegan diets play a tremendous role in reducing greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, conserving water use and decreasing global deforestation rates. I urge you to participate in Earth day by sampling a plant-based meal. By making this simple choice today, you serve as a powerful agent in ensuring our grandchildren inherit an Earth as beautiful as the one we celebrate today.


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