Why Millenials Must Choose a Plant-Based Diet

Millennials are constantly attacked by the media for issues that weren’t created by our generation.So many of us move home after college because we are burdened by student debt. When the costs of college have risen exponentially faster than any other good or service, how can you blame young people for moving home to pay off school loans? Millenials aren’t buying homes at the rates our parents did, either, and are blamed for “throwing away” money on rentals. Well, home ownership for young people becomes doubly difficult with the combination of stagnating wages and high youth unemployment rates.
Despite these challenges, today’s twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings remain optimistic. We work two, or three jobs so that we can pay off our debt faster. We are a highly-educated generation more concerned about making a difference than making a buck.
green peppers
And for these reasons, I think millenials should make more plant-based choices every day. We aren’t afraid of going against the grain, so to speak. Indeed, eating less meat is cheaper. Buying lentils and vegetables rather than bacon and shrimp frees allows us to pay off debt faster and save up more to buy a home. Eating less meat means that we are freeing up scarce natural resources like land and water to stretch them farther in feeding a growing population. It allows us to drastically decrease our carbon footprint. When we choose broccoli over beef, we show mercy to sweet animals. Millenials have shown the world that we are strong and brave. By joining together, today’s young people can have a powerful impact in reducing the demand for meat and creating the bright futures we imagine for ourselves.

4 responses to “Why Millenials Must Choose a Plant-Based Diet

  1. I’m confused on something which you might have covered elsewhere. In some cases fuel (gasoline, oil, etc.) is plant based, is that choosing plant based in order to reduce the carbon foot print as well? How can a plant based diet free up more land? It takes land/soil to grow those plants (unless your grown hydroponically), plus animals eat those plants as well. I’m not trying to be a devil’s advocate or debase you or anything, I truly am curious.


    • Thank you tj6james6 for your comment.

      When I talk about saving resources, I mean that it takes so much more water to raise animals for consumption than it does grain, for example. Pigs require thousands of gallons of water to drink and bathe in. This water instead can be used to grow grains directly for our consumption. Does that make sense?


      • It does but it still doesn’t answer the fuel issue, lol.
        I can agree that water is a precious commodity right now, especially in Cali.
        People complain about gas prices yet they don’t do an equal comparison.
        If you consider that a 24 pack of 500 mL bottles of water is 12 Litres and you get that case of $4.99 (I’m in Canada) that would be 42 cents per litre, less than half of what I’m paying at the pump. Switch that to a 2 Litre of coke which, when it isn’t on super sale, is $2.49 which is 1/4 more than what I’m currently paying at the pump. People need to pick their battles :). For reference 4 Litres = slightly more than 1 gallon.


  2. Love this post! Hey, I have just nominated you for a blog award! 🙂



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