A Chock-Full of Chocolate

What if I told you that chocolate could be a healthy part of your diet? You might look at me like I’d grown a cabbage on my veghead, right?

Well, you might be shocked to hear, then, that indeed it’s true! Vegans and vegetarians, including myself, are often times worried about incorporating enough iron in their meals. People who don’t know too much about plant-based diets may believe that one can only gain significant intakes of iron from animal products. After doing some tasty research, I discovered a powerful source of all-natural, vegan iron…
Don't mind if I do!

Don’t mind if I do!

Chocolate! But not just any ol’ chocolate will do. Dark chocolate is where it’s at! Dark chocolate, and I’m taking about the really dark chocolate at 80% cocoa and higher, is a fantastic source of antioxidants, fiber, and most importantly, iron! My favorite dark chocolate is pictured here, along with the nutrition label, so you can see for yourself! This 85% cocoa bar has 25% of your daily iron needs in one serving. Well, that’s great you be thinking, but surely the sugar in that piece will destroy you, right? Actually, one the best things that separates dark chocolate from the rest of the chocolate pack is its very low sugar content. One serving of my favorite bar here only has five grams of sugar. That’s a lot less than you’ll see in milk chocolate and white chocolate varieties.
One fact you are right to be wary of is the fat content. Though one serving of dark chocolate can cost you a significant portion of your daily fat consumption, I’m not very worried. Eating a healthy vegetarian or vegan diet heavy in vegetables, fruits, lentils, beans and grains, ensures you’ll be able to save your allotment of high-calorie foods for some yummy dark chocolate.
So go ahead veg*ns, indulge in that dark chocolate knowing you’re getting a chock-full of iron, as well!

16 responses to “A Chock-Full of Chocolate

  1. One of my favorite thing about eating a high raw mostly vegan diet is that I NEVER feel bad about eating chocolate! I make my own with raw cacao powder so I can easily switch up how dark it is depending on my mood 😊


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