On Making Mistakes

It’s easy to see why our meat-eating friends feel the need to be defensive in our presence, especially while dining with us veg*ns. Vegetarianism is much more than a diet to me, and I love sharing with others who express curiosity in learning more about my lifestyle (hence, the birth of this blog!). Sometimes I forget though, that not everyone is as excited about plant-based living as I am.

I don’t want to be a self-righteous vegetarian, in fact; I cannot be, because I’m not perfect myself.

While eating at a restaurant, I’ve forgotten to ask about chicken broth in soup, and learnt after enjoying a burrito, that the tortilla was made with lard. Indeed, I don’t always have the option to try on different pairs of vegan shoes to find the style that fits me best.

So it hurts me, then, when someone sees the Try Veg sticker on my water bottle and thinks I’m better than everyone else. I try my hardest to live a life that is in line with my own beliefs, which centers on valuing all forms of life equally.

Connecting with nature to reaffirm my ideals

Absolutely I make mistakes, but I keep living this lifestyle because it’s who I am. And I hope you, too, never feel discouraged. You couldn’t resist that burger at the neighborhood barbeque? You can still eat veg*n tomorrow. At the end of the day, when you do what you can to be true to your core values, you learn to take mistakes in stride. Mistakes then, become learning opportunities rather than a reason to give up.


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