This Week’s Lunches

Does anyone else go through phases of weeks (or months!) where you find yourself eating the same thing over and over again? This happens to me all the time!

I try out a new recipe/experiment that I love and then become obsessed with it.

This week the main portion of daily work lunches consisted of my latest creation: kale avocado salad.

As you can tell from my last two posts…I love these two, but never tried them together. This all changed when I thought surely my two favorite green foods would taste even better together.

To make a salad, all you do is wash you kale and put it in a bowl. Then, mash half an avocado into the kale bed and sprinkle some corn on top. I’m not much of a dressing person. I usually either drizzle my veggies in olive oil, or with this salad, a few squirts of hot sauce.

I loved this kale avocado salad and though I may take a break from it next week, it’ll definitely be a staple in my lunch rotations.

How about you? What did you munch on at your desk this week? What have you been obsessed with lately?

kale avocado mash salad


11 responses to “This Week’s Lunches

  1. I’m mostly eating variations on stir-fried veggies with peanut sauce, lots of fresh cilantro, served over rice noodles. I’ve had quite a bit of cabbage and lots of onions to use up recently and they make a great base for tossing other veggies/beans/baked tofu on top.


  2. Nothing quite as…ummm….Sorry, don’t like kale or avocado (except in sushi) and am allergic to corn *sigh*.
    My lunch is usually supper left overs from the night before.
    One night it was home made French Onion Soup with Garlic bread instead of croutons (delicious variation).
    We get in those funks too where we find something we love and it gets cooked over and over again.Pineapple Sausage Skillet or Reuben Casserole, which are both totally awesome the next day, even if I do eat them cold, are both on that list of cooked way too often.


  3. There are times when I’ve done that. Sometimes it’s because of budgetary restraints and that’s what I have in the house…sometimes its about time and comfort food. Dropscones’ stirfry veggies sounds so good. And I do love a good peanut sauce.


  4. I could eat salads with avocado slices, cucumbers, onions, a splash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar every day. I’ve never tried kale but I’ve heard rave reviews of how nutritious it is.


  5. I love kale avocado combo!! My latest food obsession has been sauerkraut, boiled white sweet potato and avocado, with whatever fresh greens I have available in my garden☺️ sooo tasty, nourishing and filling!! I’m actually sharing that recipe soon 😊


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