Thursday 2Go: Breakfast Ready When You Are

Eating healthy can be a challenge in today’s fast-moving world—trust me, I know. I’m studying for a graduate degree in the evenings while working a full-time job during the day. Between work and class, sometimes I barely have time to think about cooking a fresh and healthy meal.

Today’s Thursday 2Go features a breakfast dish you can make ahead and keep refrigerated for up to a week or frozen for a few weeks. Eating a healthy and nutritious breakfast ensures that you have a solid foundation to face the day. Beat the morning rush with this recipe.

Thursday 2Go: Wheat Berry Cereal

Wheat berries are used to produce whole wheat flour, but offer many more nutrients in their whole seed form. Because wheat berries are unrefined, they retain nutrients and fiber that processed wheat products do not have. My favorite type of wheat berry to use for this breakfast cereal is called Khorasan wheat, or commercially sold as Kamut

My recipe here uses Khorasan wheat, but you can use regular wheat berries in the same way.


Bring two and a half cups of water to boil and add in one cup of your grain in a medium-sized sauce pan. I soak my Khorasan berries overnight to reduce cooking time, but it’s not necessary.

After two minutes, reduce heat to a simmer for around 30 to 40 minutes, or until berries are chewy but not tough. It’s important to be flexible with cooking times when cooking with whole berries, as it can vary depending on the type you use. After about 25 minutes of cooking, you can begin to taste a few pieces to taste for readiness while you leave it simmering on the stove. Because wheat berries take a while to cook, the most time-efficient way to cook these is by the batch. One dry cup of wheat berries creates four servings.

I store my cooked grains in the fridge. In a separate container, I store washed and chopped fruit for my mix-ins.

In the morning all you need to do is scoop your wheat berries and favorite fruit into a bowl, mix and enjoy!

My favorite combination is chopped pear and raspberries.


Now that you’ve got a healthy and filling breakfast in your stomach, you’ll be ready to face the new day ahead.

What types of breakfasts do you eat to start your days?

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4 responses to “Thursday 2Go: Breakfast Ready When You Are

  1. I use to grow raspberries. Forty feet of them. I would never have thought to put them into warm cereal. Hmm. It wouldn’t matter. My son and husband use to eat them off the canes and I had very little left. LOL!


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