Thursday 2Go: Eating at the Salad Bar

Once a week I grab dinner at a salad bar because my schedule doesn’t leave me enough time to run home after work in the evenings. I consider myself extremely lucky to have class right next to a Whole Foods, the best place to feed myself lest I become a hangry monster my classmates have to deal with for three hours on a Monday night…

Given with the bounty of a Whole Foods salad bar, it can be tough to create a veg*n salad that will keep you satiated on the go.

This Thursday 2Go, I’ll share with you my tips on creating the perfect salad.

1. Start with a bed of greens: Whether you prefer spinach, lettuce or arugula, fill the base of your salad container with any combination of the leaves your salad bar offers. And don’t be shy–fill up! Leaves are an extremely light-weight ingredient so if you pay for your salad by weight, extra lettuce won’t do much damage. Greens are also one of the healthiest options so you want to get as much as you can eat.

2. Add in the protein: Most salad bars offer an array of beans or lentils. Add a few scoops of your favorite beans for protein that’ll keep you full. If you like tofu, add some cubes into your salad. If the tofu looks shiny and greasy though, it’s best to limit how many pieces you choose. Adding too much of the gravy it’s cooked in adds unnecessary weight to your box and might even ooze out of your container. I’m not sure my professor would appreciate a grease-soaked homework assignment…

3. Mix in some grains: Brown rice, farrow, or quinoa all go very well with lentils and greens. Choose your grain and mix it in. If you are gluten’-free, corn always goes well with this combo, too.

4. Top it off with some more veggies: I like to make salads as colorful as possible and love dressing them up with chopper bell pepper, peas, or olives, If you eat diary, you can sprinkle some cheese over your salad.

My favorite salad to go

5. Leave the dressing on the side: By the salad dressings you may find little tubs with lids. Pour your favorite dressing in there rather than into your salad directly. That way, when you arrive at your destination, your salad hasn’t leaked into your bag. Pouring the dressing over only when you’re ready to eat helps keep your salad fresher for longer periods of time.

Do you have any tips for eating on the go? I’d love to hear!


3 responses to “Thursday 2Go: Eating at the Salad Bar

  1. I like Whole Foods for take out as well. Also in my neighborhood are two of those bodybuilder stores, you know with the proteins powders and supplements and what not. Both of them make fresh protein smoothies in store, and because their customers are health conscious, they don’t use the sugary trash lots of coffee shops and juice places do. I was dying of hunger and dragging myself home today when I passed one. I went in and got a smoothie made from raw cacao, almond milk, coconut oil and coconut meat. It really perked me up.


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