You Weigh In

The very best thing about having a blog is engaging with you–my fabulous, insightful reader. Today I thought I’d ask you a question that’s been on my mind. I hope you’ll find some time this weekend to weigh in!

To the veg*n eaters, what is the hardest part, in your opinion, about maintaining a plant-based diet?

If you’re not yet a veg*n (vegetarian or vegan), but would like to be, what would you say is the biggest challenge holding you back?

Weighing the fruits of my labor

Maybe it’s a lack of convenient, on-the-go types of meals that are readily available to our omnivore friends. Perhaps it’s a challenge to eat enough nutritious, filling plant-based foods. Or, it could be that you just don’t know where to start!

Whatever your reason, I’m all ears!


18 responses to “You Weigh In

  1. Hi there! This is a great question. For me, the challenge is to avoid the very high carbohydrates in much of what restaurants consider their “veggie options”. These are invariably low in protein, and high in fat as well. I am thinking of the ubiquitous vegetable panini, pizza and pasta dishes. Unless you specifically stake out a vegetarian restaurant, you are unlikely to find dishes which make use of high protein tofu, legumes or similar high-protein ingredients.


    • Thank you for sharing! I definitely agree. It is so easy to eat a healthy and filling plant-based meal when you are at home. But, when you go out it’s usually pizza or pasta that us veg*ns are relegated to.


  2. Costs.. Im a student and sometimes meat is way more cheap than fresh veggies. I had vegan candy today too but its only one type we have to choose from. Its super tasty though and it doesnt leavr that rancid chemical aftertaste.


  3. I don’t have a problem maintaining a plant based diet. But the biggest hassles are dealing with the outside world. Often restaurants have limited options, and friends and family (all of whom are good intentioned) don’t understand and prepare food I don’t want. I feel guilty rejecting what they make for me, and would rather that they didn’t go to the trouble. I usually wind up eating the food they prepare rather than explain why I don’t want it, so as not to hurt their feelings. But overall, the longer I am plant-based (2 years as of May) the easier it is. Love your blog. πŸ™‚


    • Thank you so much for the blog love and for sharing your thoughts! I definitely agree, in fact Ihamr above had a similar comment. It’s easy when you are in control of what you get to cook and eat, but going out, we’re either faced with limited options or eat whatever we are given. Congratulations on over 2 years of plant-based eating!

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  4. Where to start? Getting the boyfriend on board? Laziness?
    I know it’s better for me but we love our meat too much to totally give it up and chicken is not my favorite meat and I have recently discovered a sensitivity to certain fish *sigh*. Now if I could just develop an allergy to meat in general, lol. And get rid of the one to tomatoes and corn :(.


    • Thank you for sharing! Definitely see how it can be a struggle to completely go plant-based, but it sounds like you do eat some meals that are meatless! Meatless Mondays are a good way to ease into it–starting with once a week and then perhaps adding a second day slowly and so on. Great job so far πŸ™‚


  5. I don’t find it hard living on a plant based diet. It’s all about commitment. In the beginning, it’s hard, (as most good formed habits and journeys are,) but it’s something that you adapt to as you keep going with it.


  6. Though I am vegetarian on most days – I find it hard to give up meat as I still live with my family. Culturally, meat is an integral part of our meal and it’s difficult (not impossible, but very very difficult) to give up foods I’ve grown up with and have such strong nostalgia for!!!


  7. I agree with vegchili, the hardest part is “defending” your choice to others. Eating at home was hard at first because I didn’t know how to prepare a plant-based meal (now I have several go-to recipes that I love and I know how to compose a dish), but to this day, it’s still hard sometimes to eat at someone’s house or eat out. Luckily, in France, there are a lot of cheese-based dishes (for vegetarians) and more and more vegan options. My friends don’t make me explain myself anymore and even prepare an option for me and my boyfriend, who stopped eating meat 6 months after I did. The beginning is hard. But what comes after is great!


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