Noshin’ on Nachos

Sometimes I’m hungry for a snack a bit heartier than an orange. I scavenged around the cabinets looking for something to satisfy my hunger. A bag of tortilla chips lead me to drool as I remembered my favorite after-school snack. Here’s my ‘recipe’ for an easy and filling dish to keep you full in between meals. I’ve found that the best vegan cheese for melting is the Daiya brand and would recommend it for making these quick nachos.

2 Minute Nachos


Tortilla chips

Your favorite blend of shredded cheese–Daiya for Vegans or dairy-based for Vegetarians

½ tomato, diced

¼ bell pepper, diced

Hot sauce or salsa



Place tortilla chips onto a microwavable plate

Sprinkle with cheese

Place plate in microwave and warm for 10-20 seconds. Cooking time varies depending on microwave. Vegan cheese may require longer time to melt–warm on 10 second intervals until it melts.

Drizzle on hot sauce

Top with diced bell pepper and tomato


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