Getting Classy with Pomegranate

Yesterday my Dad made my heart soar when he texted me a picture of his lunch. I imagined him, chest puffed with pride, at the beautiful meal he had created for himself. And I had to give him credit–it really was a work of art:

Wouldn’t you agree?
food imitates art

food imitates art

Look carefully at the picture. There’s something there that really just pulls the whole meal together and takes it to next level. Sure, the home made taco shell adds a fantastic touch, but I’d say it’s those ruby gems that just class it up even more.

Pomegranate seeds are so elegant. Do you think so, too? Not overly saccharine, but bursting with flavor, we should make more use of them. I love eating them by the spoonfuls after someone who loves me very much (hi Mom and Dad!) has done the hard work of freeing the little seeds from their shell.
But have you ever tossed them into a salad? Into a taco bowl? Sprinkled some over your oatmeal? These glass-like beauties really elevate your dish. They turn everyday meals into a sparkling celebration. Pomegranate seeds are Nature’s gift of confetti.
How do you dress up your meals? I’d love to know!

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