About GreenMindVegHeart

I am a life-long vegetarian who was raised in the Southwestern desert. As a child, I relished nothing more than running through the sprinklers on a hot summer day and savoring juicy oranges plucked from our backyard tree. Plant-based eating plays a powerful role in not just protecting our own health, but also the health of our precious Planet. Join me as I share tips for living a greener life for a greener Earth.


18 responses to “About GreenMindVegHeart

  1. Hi! Although I am not vegan I really enjoyed your blog. I try to create a few vegetarian dishes on my blog to satisfy different audiences. Thanks for liking my Tortellini Salad and Arugula recipe.


  2. Thank you for finding my blog which gave me the opportunity of finding your blog. I’ve read through a couple of your posts and I really enjoyed them. I’ll be using some of the recipes. Please don’t be shy, come on over again 🙂



  3. Hello ! Thanks for liking my post , which led me to your blog ! You have a wonderful blog , although I’m not a vegetarian, I do cook veg dishes, and maintain a healthy balance between the two ! Looking forward to explore your blog 🙂


  4. Hello again :).
    I just cooked up some wheat berries and was wondering if you had any recipes for them.
    I’ve got a bagged salad sitting in the fridge which I’m planning on mixing with the wheat berries, some dried cranberries and maybe some peach or nectarine and some dried pineapple or apricot to help balance the tartness of the cranberries.


  5. Hi and thank you for visiting and liking my post! I am also trying to moving slowly but surely to a lesser meat and more vegetables diet! 🙂 Your blog will definitely give me ideas on substitutions in my future fusion recipes.


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